Focus on Social Listening To Boost Conversions

Social media marketing was itself an evolution but now this initial evolution seems like a decade-old instance which has lost its effectiveness because of its abuse by most of the marketers. Hashtags links became normal elements in the posts which used to target audiences in order to promote products and services. And the bad part about this approach is that these tactics always seemed unnatural, and that is the reason they failed to help in major conversions.

But now, we have this social listening. People talk about your brand and product over the social media platforms. Now, this conversation can be in the favor of your brand and it can also involve bashing your brand. And to be honest, this is becoming the biggest social ranking signal you have to pay attention to.

With that said, it is worth mentioning that branding and promotion on social media doesn’t only involve text as the major explainer. There are other forms of content such as images and videos which can tell stories about your brand. And much for the surprise of newbie marketers, text and tags have become less effective. In fact, you can get people talking about your brand if there is a picture of people showing visual expression about your brand. Hence, the audience in this regard tends to become visual listeners.

The rise of visual listening
The act of leveraging image recognition in order to uncover the in-image elements related to your brand is commonly known as visual listening.

Logo plays an important role in this regard. Logo recognition is so powerful that it can help you market your product without showing your product or brand logo to the fullest. Even though if the image doesn’t target your brand logo, it is still going to make people think about the logo and ultimately about your brand.

This way of targeting audience is much powerful than social listening because you do not need to insert tag or making your brand name prominent. Everyone in this world understands photos; and this is the aspect which you can use to market your brand without writing something.

Leveraging visual listening
There are certain ways you can leverage visual listening for the promotion of your brand in positive way.
  1. What’s more powerful in the image is the sentiment. That sentiment is everything which explains how good or bad your product is. In other words, if you are working only on quality of your product and using social media as the platform to get it sold, you may get the people showing their expressions about your product in a way you want. As a matter of fact, you can develop strategy for the people showing good sentiments about your product.
  2. This aspect is pretty much an extension of the above mentioned aspect. You can find influencers who would do the ‘natural’ kind of marketing by suggesting their audiences the use of product you offer.